We, The Sighted, is an association of independent scientists, doctors, researchers and other people. We look closely and we use our brain independently of manipulation.

Because the most important fact for most logically and independently thinking people, we start here with the ingredients of these vaccine serums against this invented corona virus. Download here:

Dying after vaccination has also started in Europe, the USA, Russia and other regions. We could now say: We predicted it after all. But all of this is pointless, because this human species no longer understands anything. So we wish a happy death. Sarcastic? No, more of a fact.


The founder and chairman of the board of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, has suggested using the excellent acceptance of this virus staging to start a worldwide "Great Reset". This "Great Reset" is about expanding the power of the elites and finally destroying the freedom of humanity worldwide.

Schwab envisions an authoritarian system in which big business acts as a partner to governments. Big business would expand and consolidate its monopoly powers granted by the government. The "stakeholders" include the puppet governments, international organizations, large corporations and "civil societies".

It goes without saying that certain people decide who is and who is not a stakeholder, what is in the interests of the stakeholder, and what steps companies must take to maximize the value of the stakeholders. People's own wishes do not play a role, which has been practiced in Germany for a long time, for example. The oath of office of the respective Chancellor proves this very clearly, because it says: "I swear to increase the benefit of the German people ..."

It should be correct to say: to increase the benefit for the German people. However, the Germans in particular hardly notice that they have been kept as livestock by an international elite for many decades.

The Great Reset will dramatically expand the surveillance state through real-time tracking. It will also mandate that people be given digital certificates to travel and even have technology implanted in their bodies to monitor them. Klaus Schwab said publicly that it would be good to equip people with a brain chip in order to better monitor and control them. A wonderful, new world, then, but this already stupidly manipulated mass of people actually no longer needs a brain chip, because this mass already function extremely well for these elites.


What is a human What distinguishes him?

A human is an intelligent living being, able to think logically. A human has the ability to protect himself and everything on this planet earth and to ensure that later this planet is healthy and nature can develop well. A human would never kill another human, a human respects the dignity of his equals. A human has a high intelligence, so a human would never do anything bad to another human or even want to dominate another human. A human being, an intelligent living being, would never deceive another human being in order to gain a primitive, materialistic advantage for himself.

Well, all that is not the human. Human is a primitive, illogical and very stupid living being. One recognizes the stupidity particularly recently, because a living being that allows himself to be lied to and believes everything that is presented to him by a materialistic system is very stupid and primitive. Infinite more examples of the stupidity of this species prove that the human species is by no means an intelligent form of life. Do you have a different opinion? Then we ask for proof.

There are actually a few of these species of humans that differ from the primitive mass, but the number of these is very, very few. We are looking for those human who have managed to reach a higher level and are able to think logically. We cannot and do not want to help the degenerate mass of this human species, because it is hopeless. We are no longer trying to enlighten this degenerate mass of this species and to show what is actually going on in this world, because it is impossible to motivate a brain that does not have enough neuronal connections. Incidentally, the dwindling of the neural network is a proven fact.

All these degenerate people who like to be the livestock in a human farm (state) shouldn't write to us. We have, with all the consequences, left this human farm system. "Human" who want to continue to live in this system should not contact us. As mentioned, we are not enlighteners, we see ourselves as protectors of the few human who are able to think freely and independently.

Many people are dissatisfied and complain with demonstrations or posts on various Internet platforms. But still these people remain inactive and continue to live in this system that will not change, on the contrary, it becomes more inhumane. Is it possible to turn a liar, cheater, and murderer into a philanthropist through demonstrations or complaints? Governments are nothing more than the stooges of liars, fraudsters and also murderers and governments even do the same. Anyone who believes that a government is working for the good of the people actually does not have a functioning brain. Unfortunately, however, this affects the majority of these human species.

The mass of human do not understand that they are already living as a slave to a system. Governments are human farms that are in turn directed by large farmers, the so-called elites. The so-called state people are potential liars and potential terrorists. A government always demands official confirmation of everything from the so-called state people, because this government does not believe the state people. But the other way around, it is required that the so-called state people believe every claim made by the government, even if they are unproven. A government controls the people almost in the bedroom, but who controls the governments? The mass of humanity believes to live in a democracy in which the so-called state people are the sovereign. This illusion is believed only by a very degenerate species, the human species. There is no need to cite any more evidence of the stupidity of this human species, although there are still innumerable examples.

Human who can think and act logically do not need a ruler!

We welcome those who have evolved and who know what this world really is like. These human, who are able to think logically, know very well that trying to enlighten the degenerate mass of this species is futile. However, the more developed human should come together and protect themselves, that's what we concentrate on. To be alone among all the many non-thinking and all-believing "human" is very difficult and depressing.

As we predicted, deaths after vaccinations against a fabricated virus are being played down by the mainstream media, it is of course not the vaccine to blame.

compact-online.de writes:

"Death shortly after the corona vaccination

V-Safe, the reporting system for side effects of vaccines from the American disease control agency CDC (Centers for Disease Control) shows a toxicity rate of 2.8 percent after five days for vaccination with the active ingredient from Pfizer / Biontech. "

Our comment: 2.8 percent of, for example, a million people are 28 thousand people according to logical mathematics. Normal shrinkage? But this number is not true, because so far a lot of people have died after this vaccination and many more will die later. Why? Because these gene-manipulated molecules destroy the cells and organ failure is the result.

It also says on compact-online.de:

"The Swiss drug authority, which approved the genetic vaccine from BioNTtech / USPfizer, rejects responsibility and doubts a connection ... The doctor who issued the death certificate and made the incident public is now publicly known in the media as Corona Skeptics vilified.

... The US nurse Tiffany Dover, who had herself vaccinated on LiveTV, passed out shortly after the vaccination in front of the camera and had to be admitted to the hospital's intensive care unit. "

Intermediate remark: Well, we know that, everyone who does not play this dirty game conforming to this is of course a conspiracy theorist. The truth becomes a lie and the lie becomes the truth. The stupidly manipulated people believe all the manipulation, independent thinking is nil. Good stupid livestock.

Before people not see that the streets are very empty because most of the people are dead, the stupid citizen will not notice anything. Well then, just die.

Furthermore, compact-online.de says: "This vaccination campaign is intended to open the gate for genetic engineering vaccinations, because they should be the vaccination of the future because they are the cheapest. ... The ideal set of instruments for dictators, no more chains or pills are needed.

It's not for nothing that Elon Musk is already raving about the fact that you could wake up as a butterfly. "

Well, these are excellent future prospects, thank you stupid humanity that all of this is possible through your ignorance and stupidity.

This so-called humanity is undoubtedly approaching its end.

Where are they, the people who still think logically, really don't exist anymore?

This so-called humanity is assimilated, the brains are no longer able to grasp all the background, logical thinking is dead. Some may know a little more, but these few remain inactive. There are also some who say: Someone will come to help us. A good justification for laziness and cowardice. Besides, why would anyone bother to stand up for this human species? This species that systematically destroys itself and everything on planet earth. No, such a primitive and evil species obviously doesn't deserve to survive. That is a logical conclusion, but logic is alien to this species, because if people could think logically, then it would look different on this planet earth, nature would be healthy and people would be peaceful, friendly and caring. Maybe this human species is just a failed experiment. Many believe in a so-called creator, but this creator must either have been completely drunk when he created this species or he is a sadist in the face of this completely vicious, mutually killing species of humans that is also destroying this entire planet.

So did this vicious and ignorant species deserve this wonderful and unique planet? There is only one clear and logical answer to this: NO!

"Human who sit in the mud and complain instead of walking out of the mud are stupid, this behavior cannot be described otherwise. This human race has lost its independent thinking and that is why this species will perish."

Dr. Mary Sodayer (biologist and member of "The Sighted"

"You cannot expect any particular performance from a computer with insufficient memory. A human race whose neuronal connections in the brain are too weak cannot be expected to understand the background to today's world. But a computer can be upgraded, the neural connections in the brain cannot be increased. So it is hopeless to expect humanity to think and understand logically."

Dr. Salvador Chirgenes (neurologist and member of The Sighted)


In the past, when there was no such financial system and especially no schools and human were still full of curiosity, there was still logical thinking. Human learned through curious observation, through trying out, testing, researching, human during this time were full of thirst for knowledge. The children could still develop freely and had the natural joy of wanting to know and discover everything. Human at this time were not taught constructed opinions, human earlier discovered the true facts without influencing from others.

There is nothing left of that today, firm opinions are planted in the brains of children in schools, independent thinking is frowned upon and is even suppressed today. The time already begins when independent thinking is punished, it is already outlawed. Today's human are only manipulated and functioning consumers, fantasy, curiosity to discover something, to research, to develop your own fantasies and to dream is no longer given to these stupidly manipulated "human". Today's "human" are only the shell of former living beings with a well-functioning brain. In fact, humanity is already extinct. Therefore, the agendas of these self-appointed elites, who aim to drastically reduce the world's population, will not wipe out real human, for they no longer exist, except a very, very small minority.

When we see all of these non-thinking farm animals dutifully taking these measures against a fabricated fake, when we see all these farm animals using those ridiculous face masks, then we know that we are between a very primitive species. It's all sooo crazy and sooo stupid!

Here you will find some information to download, but only to complete knowledge, because people who think logically already know a lot. This information is not intended for the non-thinking crowd because it is hopeless to expect that crowd to understand it.

The intelligent in this world are the animals and the human who are called primitive wild human. Both animals and indigenous human live free, regardless of all constraints and measures of so-called civilization, and animals and indigenous human do not suffer from all the diseases such as cancer, allergies, MS, nervous diseases, etc. And of course these indigenous human do not know any so-called virus .

When we reported to these indigenous human about this worldwide pandemic staging with all the measures, they started to laugh out loud and didn't want to believe that human beings can be so stupid.


The following website describes very well what this humanity can expect: https://www.konjfunktion.info/2020/01/systemfrage-der-weg-in-den-totalitarismus/ (in German language)

But all this information is pointless, because the already stupidly manipulated mass of this human race is no longer able to grasp this. This website, as well as ours and many others, are expected to disappear in 2021. Truth is already forbidden and will be fought with every means, even the slightest criticism is dubbed fake news and the people who dare to speak the truth are dubbed conspiracy theorists. So it is too late to prevent what is coming next. Therefore we only try to take care of the people who are still able to think logically, but these people are a very small minority and it is not easy to find them. To make matters worse, communication will be very difficult in the future, because the Internet will shortly be completely controlled. Any criticism is then excluded, even a normal email account can then only be opened with certain requirements, these requirements are a completely transparent person. Perfect control is the future, critics are eliminated. Checkmate for free life. Strictly speaking, the end of humanity is already in sight, because people, i.e. free and self-determined people, will no longer exist and, strictly speaking, they already no longer exist.

John F. Kennedy saw through this system in which heads of state are only puppets of so-called elites and he wanted to change this. After his speech on this subject, he was murdered. Robert Kennedy Jr., his nephew is committed today against this inhuman system and tries to show people the truth. But he too fights in vain against ignorance and stupidity, just like us.

But we're all just conspiracy theorists. Where reason gives way, arbitrariness wins!

The actual situation is actually such that these interest groups, who like to see themselves as the elites of this world, tell the "human" all truths straight to their faces, yet this stupidly manipulated humanity does not react. This elite cannot wish for better and more stupid subjects and servants.

Human rights, ha, what is that supposed to be? We reprogram you then you are no longer human. So get vaccinated, ha, ha ha.

Internationally, nearly 20 million children die every year as a result of vaccinations, and around 50 million people die as a result of pharmaceuticals. Many millions die from the poisoned food, toxic contaminated tap water, Air and arable land contaminated with aluminum, malnutrition in different countries and much more. This overpopulation is another lie for an argument to reduce the world population, just like the so-called global warming which has now been converted into climate change because no warming can be proven. Humanity has mutated into stupid livestock, so you can tell this humanity any nonsense and they will believe it. Justice, truth, and compassion can never be expected from a system built entirely on profits. Today, however, is much more cruel and diabolical than this human livestock even vaguely suspects. Therefore, many deaths are to be expected, but not from a virus phantom. We wish a happy vaccination festival. This primitive and indifferent species doesn't deserve this wonderful planet anyway.

Many often speak of the enslavement of humanity through agendas 21 and 2030. Yes, these agendas have dire plans for humanity. But human have been slaves for a long time. Human no longer know what real life is, and human even less know what a happy life is.

Work many hours a day for others and then have a very large part of your income stolen by the large farmers (government) of the human farm (state). Then go home and watch the manipulations on TV. Go to sleep and do the same the next day. Then go on vacation three or four weeks a year and convince yourself that this is a recovery. This goes on year after year, but none of this has anything to do with a happy life. Now there are so-called self-employed, i.e. company owners, but that has little to do with self-employment. These apparently self-employed are no better off, because they still work for others and then have a large part of their profit stolen from the human farm (state). These self-employed have to prove everything down to the smallest detail to this human farm, keep statistics, accountability, accountability, accountability.

There is no difference between employees and employers. Some can afford an expensive car or a large house, but still remain slaves to this system.

Real life is different: Working exclusively for yourself, shaping your day according to your own will, not crawling as a worm for others, not allowing yourself to be plundered, not being accountable to anyone, enjoying the sunrise and / or sunset, doing what makes you happy etc. This is not possible? yes, it is possible, however, human have allowed themselves to be manipulated into believing that this is not possible. We live freely and happily and would never return to this slave system.

Nobody needs a so-called government, which is just the puppet of the financial elite and big industry. Nobody needs a police force, who are just the dogs of these elites and who are good at harassing human and helping to exploit human. Nobody needs so-called officials who exclusively enforce the interests of these human farm operators. Human who have a logical mind can manage themselves. The problem, however, is that almost all of humanity has now evolved into non-thinking slaves. The corollary of this is that this human race will now come to an end.

Download the facts here.

The system

Humanity believes in an invented phantom. You can download the facts about this here.

All will fall. You can download the facts about this here.

Your short life as a zombie. You can download the facts about this here.

Human no longer lives as a human. You can download the facts about this here.

You can download the story of obedience here.

You can download the reason why all this can happen at the moment here.

There is only one way to live as a free and self-determined human!

Don't hope this manipulated humanity ever wakes up, that won't happen. Protect yourself and get out.

We are looking for people who still think logically, the number of whom is obviously very small. We do not value contacts from all these manipulated and regenerated living beings of this human species! This human species is not able to process facts logically and accordingly to draw logical conclusions, this species no longer thinks, therefore this human species is now under the intelligence of animals that live freely and independently. So it is a logical fact that this human species will now come to an end. Even these so-called elites who do all the manipulation and order these completely insane measures will not survive. The end of a once hopeful species that has thrown away its chance can no longer be prevented.

Only those human can survive who protect themselves outside this system. We are only looking for these human.

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